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Leonora Okarma Weaver

Antique Prints, Maps, & Fine Arts Restoration

Decatur, Georgia, USA

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Prints and Etchings for Sale

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Gaunanet Mawr, a great waterfall near Snowden


Gaunanet Mawr, a great waterfall near Snowden

 John Boydell





black and white

 14 1/2 x 20

  a famous waterfall in the Snowden reigon of North Wales  a popular place to visit in the 18th century$300

4 Seasons(see below)


 4 Seasons

 Francis Chesham





 7 1/2 x 9 1/2

  Each print comes with a suitable poem desribing the time of year, showing the rural  work and pleasures of common folk of the 18th century. Rare set in excellent condition.$1,200 set


12 Months of the Year (see below)


 12 Months of the Year

 Fransesco Bartolozzi

 William Hamilton

 Stipple engravings



 15 x 12

  this series of prints was made in two shapes--the oval and the rectangular, the oval being the more rare of the two. A suitable poem for the month of the year accompanies each picture.Showing not only the pastimes but also the work that is involved with each month. These are exquisite vignettes into the idealized life of the 18 century provincial life.$6,000

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