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Leonora Okarma Weaver

Antique Prints, Maps, & Fine Arts Restoration

Decatur, Georgia, USA

(404) 371-8197

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(currently under construction--as a better service to our customers, we decided to have individual pages for each state rather than grouping them together as before. Please stay tuned while we re-post all the lists of prints by state.))

American States


American States --Related Subjects

Confederate Portaits

Winslow Homer

American Scenery

Republican Party


Tennesee Civil War


Virginia Civil War

Frontier Life

USA Civil War

Mexican War

USA Horse Racing

Niagara Falls

USA Ships

Picturesque America

USA Sports Miscellaneous

USA  Steel Engravings

USA Sports

USA Military 1812



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Engravings By:

John Baptiste Chatelai,Nicholas Loire,Berardi,Captain William Elliot,John Kip,J. Wood,King

Engravings By:

 Francis Chesham,John Boydell,Fransesco Bartolozzi,

 "Flowers of Loveliness"---Various engravers, various artists. MUST SEE.


 Prints and Etchings for Sale

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