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Leonora Okarma Weaver

Restoration of Antique Prints, Maps, & Fine Art

Decatur, Georgia, USA

(404) 371-8197

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About Leonora

  Leonora was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1957 the daughter of Margaret and Eugene Okarma, who founded the renowned Okarma Jones Gallery. She lived in Atlanta until the age of ten, and in 1970, Leonora’s family took a “classic” grand tour of Europe and England. It was during this visit that the family discovered Brobury House in Herefordshire, where her father moved the family two years later. Leonora graduated from Bedgebury Park boarding school in Kent and then was one of the first girls to graduate in 1979 from the 900-year-old Hereford Cathedral School. She then began a five-year apprenticeship in the family business: Art and Restoration. She now has 25 years experience to draw on.

  Not only is she trained in oil restoration, but she specializes in paper-based items such as watercolors, maps and prints. Leonora’s experience is quite varied. The smallest piece she has restored is a two-inch square etching, and the largest is a map fourteen feet long. The earliest item she ever worked on was a map dating from 1482!

 She does extensive research to assure the accuracy of her restoration. As a trained art historian, she is very sensitive to authenticity. When necessary she can make and grind her own paint to match the original paint on a piece of art. One item she was asked to restore was an illuminated sheepskin manuscript from the Saudi House of Fauod. All of the illumination had been rubbed off with the exception of a small section that was about two inches square. She had to match the paint and colors for the entire piece from that small section. The client was delighted with the final product.(see this piece on our Hand Coloring Page here.)

  In 1991 she became a full partner with her father, Eugene Okarma, at Brobury House Gallery in England.Two years later, at the age of 35, she and her husband, David Weaver, moved into the family’s country house, and took on the management of the art gallery and all the estate’s businesses. For the next eight years she managed the Brobury House estate: the Art gallery, the House as a Bed and Breakfast, the gardens, and two self-catering cottages. In 2001, after the death of her husband in 1993 and Eugene Okarma in 1996, it was decided to sell Brobury House and close the gallery. The contents of the Gallery, along with Leonora, moved to Decatur, Georgia, an interesting, older, close-in community in the Atlanta metropolitan area. After 20 years in England, Leonora wanted to give Atlanta a try and has now opened a conservation studio.

   Leonora Okarma Weaver will offer the same high quality art restoration services in her native country as she did for many years in England. She enjoys working with gallery owners, private collectors  and antique dealers.

   Leonora is a member of the Institute for Paper Conservation in England, The American Institute of Conservation (AIC) and a member of SERCA.